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Today, I wanted to talk about one of my favorite seasonal beers – Samuel Adams Octoberfest… This beer is talked about more often than any other seasonal beer we have in house; retailers & customers are asking for it in July! Samuel Adams Octoberfest is one of the largest seasonal beer offerings in the world and the largest Oktoberfest beer in the world. Samuel Adams Octoberfest has a 30% share of the fall seasonal segment and satisfies 74% of seasonal drinkers – significantly more than any other fall seasonal brand.

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After one sip of Samuel Adams Octoberfest you’ll know why it’s so popular every fall –



Appearance:        Deep red amber

Aroma:                 Roasted malt, slightly sweet

Flavor:                  Smooth with a deep malt complexity and roasty sweetness with a light hop character

Mouthfeel:           Medium-bodied

Finish:                  Smooth and sweet


The smoothness and roasted malt character of OctoberFest make it a great pairing with roasted meats, bringing out a bit of sweetness that perfectly balances their savory flavor.  For a classic pairing you can’t beat sausage and roasted pork.  OctoberFest will also cut through the richness of creamy dishes like mac ‘n cheese or Crème Brûlé.


Small Plates:      Hummus, French Onion Soup, crab cakes, mac ‘n cheese, fried clams

Entrees:             Sausage, roasted chicken, turkey, lamb, pork, pot roast, burritos,

Desserts:            Crème Brule

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Jim Koch Tasting Video with Samuel Adams Octoberfest

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What’s Brewing Bergseth Bros.

Weekly Online Newsletter Vol. 1

I hope you had a safe and spirited Labor Day Weekend with friends and family.

Mine was rather uneventful, I cleaned out the garage and did yard work between the several rain falls that we had all weekend long but of course, I made time to enjoy some beer J.  As I stated last week I will be focusing on our vast selection of Oktoberfest and Pumpkin beers the next several weeks. This week the beer I will be focusing on comes from a local brewery located in New Ulm, Minnesota – August Schell’s Oktoberfest.

August Schell’s Brewery is deeply rooted in German heritage as August the first generation of brewers laid the first brick for the brewery in 1860 after arriving from his homeland Germany. Today, their beers are living proof of their German heritage. Ask your Bergseth Bros. Sales Rep about the draft program “When the Keg Blows the Boot Goes”.


Dave McDonald  – August Schell Brewery Rep, ND & SD


August Schell Okotberfest – 5.5% ABV – Available 4/6 btls, 2/12 btls, 1/6 bbls & ½ bbls

With its bright copper-orange color, it is quite symbolic of the autumnal shift of the season.  A slightly higher strength, and warm malt body make it the perfect companion for the crisp fall weather in Minnesota.  The use of Munich and Vienna malts give the beer its toasty malt backbone, and melanoidin-rich flavor and aroma.  It has a soft malt sweetness, pleasant mouthfeel and a slight spiciness.  Hop character is subdued, as the malt takes center stage with this beer.

Food Pairings-

Those who have had the opportunity to experience Oktoberfest in Munich will no doubt have vivid memories of the “halb hendl” or rotisserie chickens they serve with a side of French fries. You will also find pork knuckles, wurst, kraut, assorted sausages, and salted white onions. Germans have perfected the art of pork and beer pairings by means of the sausage. The sweeter, toasty malt flavors and relatively subtle hopping pair well with rich but not strongly flavored pork. Soaking or cooking the brats in beer will only strengthen that marriage of flavors. Moving away from the traditional pairings, Oktoberfest is a very versatile beer. Steaks and burgers fresh off the grill will pair nicely as long as they aren’t drown in sauces. Sweet-sauce pizza also works well, as the bready malts pair nicely with the tomato sauce and crust, while the crisp carbonation and light hops keep if from being cloying. For cheese pairings, try highlighting the nutty, malty flavors of Oktoberfest with creamy, earthy, nutty varieties like robust Swiss, Emmental and Gruyére.

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2014 August Schell Oktoberfest Celebration

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