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7 Reasons Why It’s Great to Drink Summit Oktoberfest in the Fall

After a hot and humid summer, we’re welcoming in the cooler weather!

The shorter days, cooler temps, changing leaves and brisker breezes can only mean one thing – fall has arrived! With fall, of course, comes Summit Oktoberfest!

While released in August, it is often thought of as a quintessential fall brew. And, while we know it is enjoyable any time, we thought we’d give some reasons just why it’s great during this season.

  1. Its bold malt build and higher ABV will help warm you up on chilly days.
  2. Its amber color matches the leaves as they turn.
  3. Its toasted toffee notes are the perfect thing to pair with a s’more by the bonfire.
  4. Its earthy, spicy hops pair great with chili.
  5. Its crisp, clean finish will remind you of chilly fall nights.
  6. It’s the only time you can get it from Summit Brewing Co.
  7. It’s simply delicious.