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Weekly Online Newsletter Vol.27


What an exciting weekend with the turn in the weather to sixty degrees and sunny! I’m sure a lot of you started spring cleaning along with scrubbing the winter sludge off your garage floor. My neighbor was so eager with the first real warm weather and sighting of the sun he started spring planting; too soon my friend.



When spring hits, I find myself thinking of the warmer summer weather ahead. Well, the products featured this week are great to drink anytime but are perfect at the lake, barbequing, or simply hanging out on your deck. Most often these products taste better over ice, with cut-up fresh fruit or poured over ice cream.  Let’s plan early because Summer is knocking on our door!

Palm Breeze Happy Hour Master – Press Play

PB Sampler Play button

NEW – Palm Breeze 12pk Variety Pack

PB Variety

New – Cayman Jack Cuban Mojito

Caymon Cuban Both

New – Mike’s Harder Original Orange Soda

Mikes Orange Soda

Please check with your sales person on availability and pricing (please note some products are not available in certain markets)