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Weekly Online Newsletter Vol.10


The fall weather has arrived and flavors of cinnamon, ginger, all-spice and nutmeg continue to run through my thoughts – Thankfully, it’s not too late for pumpkin beers. One of my favorite beers to marry with these flavors in our autumn food is Jack’O Traveler Pumpkin Shandy.

Jack’O Traveler Pumpkin Shandy embodies the darker side of Shandy complete with a perfect balance of real pumpkin and everyone’s favorite autumn spices. This wheat beer is brewed with fresh pumpkin so you know you’re in for a real treat. Try some today – taste and embrace the fall season.

Malt Varieties: 2-row malted barley, malted wheat

Hop Varieties: Hallertau Hallertau

Special Ingredients: Real pumpkin

Alcohol: 4.4% ABV

IBUs: 7


Driven by an obsessive love of high jinks, the Jack-O Traveler spent his days cooking up mischief for everyone who crossed his path. One of his favorite pranks involved tricking unsuspecting bar patrons into buying him beers and then skipping out just when it was his turn to buy a round.

So clever was Jack, he even scammed the devil himself into granting him a reprieve from hell. Unfortunately for our Traveler, when his shenanigans finally caught up with him and he died, the man upstairs wanted nothing to do with Jack either.

It’s said that after Jack was barred from heaven, the devil gave him a burning coal, which he promptly put into a carved pumpkin to light his way. Legend has it that he wanders the earth to this day, searching for innocent bystanders to hoodwink into buying him his favorite beer, a pumpkin Shandy.

Jack-O Traveler is an alluring wheat beer illuminated by the tastes of fall. He strikes a perfect balance between bright refreshment and seasonal spice. Jack is brewed with fresh pumpkin, for a delicious dark-hued, Shandy-inspired beer.

Available in package and on draught 1/6bbl & 1/2bbl

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