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This week I wanted to highlight our brands that come in aluminum cans and bottles.

All these packages are great options for the golf courses, patios, beaches, camping and fishing.

We won’t get into the great debate over cans vs. bottles; what’s a better package for beer?

Today we thank, the aluminum packages because of them we can enjoy the greatest beverage on Earth almost anywhere we travel.

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Two beloved Minnesota-based companies FINNEGANS® Brew Co. and Caribou Coffee® announced the launch of the Dead Irish Poet Caribou Coffee® Stout that is available in bars, restaurants and liquor stores where FINNEGANS beer is sold. The beer is brewed with Caribou’s signature cold brew, which is 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified. The partnership celebrates FINNEGANS’ Drink Like You Care campaign that turns drinking beer into an opportunity to alleviate hunger locally, in each market FINNEGANS beer is sold.

FINNEGANS’ mission of “turning beer into food” is simple but revolutionary, as is its business model and hyper-local philanthropic approach. The brewing company donates a portion of its profits to the FINNEGANS Community Fund a 501c3 non-profit, which partners with a food bank in each state that buys food from local farmers and donates it to local food shelves that serve communities in need. In Minnesota, this is made possible through The Food Group, which distributed more than 52,500 pounds of food in 2020. Since its founding, FINNEGANS has generated $2 million in community impact and counting, with a current self-sustaining model that invests into local food systems and empowers consumers to do good while enjoying high-quality beer.

“We are thrilled to partner with Caribou Coffee to develop this beer, and are grateful for their likeminded philanthropic ideology,” said Jacquie Berglund, FINNEGANS Brew Co. CEO and self-described rambunctious social entrepreneur.

This new beer is one of more than 100 delicious, innovative craft beers that the brewing company has developed since its founding in 2000. This year’s Drink Like You Care campaign marks a celebratory new season for FINNEGANS House – a state-of-the-art downtown Minneapolis brewery, taproom, urban courtyard, and Brewer’s Den event space that opened in 2018.

“The opportunity to partner with FINNEGANS was a quick ‘yes’ for Caribou,” said Matt Reiter, vice president of product and merchandising for Caribou Coffee. “We’re proud to partner with a company that delivers an exceptional experience while also giving back to our hometown community.”

What’s Brewing Bergseth Bros.

Weekly Newsletter

What’s Brewing Bergseth Bros.

Weekly Newsletter

Disorderly TeaHouse is brewed from real guayusa tea leaves. Never heard of ‘em? We got you.

Indigenous people of the Ecuadorian Amazon have been growing and brewing guayusa for centuries. Describing it as “ancient energy,” they use it as a natural energizer, as well as for healing and spiritual practices.

Guayusa is an “herbal” tea, which is, botanically speaking, slightly different than a green or black tea. Green and black teas come from the tea plant, Camellia sinensis and they come with naturally occurring tannins that can give them a bitter taste.

Guayusa comes from the Ilex guayusa, a species of the holly genus that’s native to the Amazon Rainforest and is just one of four known caffeinated holly trees (Yerba Mate is another). Unlike green and black teas, and even Yerba Mate, guayusa has no tannins. Translation: it delivers a distinctively smooth taste with just a hint of sweetness.

As for caffeine. Guayusa has natural occurring caffeine which is equal to only a cup of tea – pinkies up! Because troublemakers have to sleep sometimes.

If you know us, you know we don’t do things half ass. And we certainly don’t go for ordinary. Our guayusa leaves are the real deal. All natural and sourced from indigenous Ecuadorian farmers. They’re 100% hand selected and 100% hand harvested. Then we brew them up like actual tea on-premise at Lagunitas. Once brewed, we add a kick of natural flavors of Yuzu lemon or mixed berries. Boldly brewed. Barely sweet. Nothing artificial. The result is hard tea that tastes like damn tea.

It’s curated. It’s crafted. It’s refreshing AF.

Lagunitas Varie-Tea Pack Coming Soon!

What’s Brewing Bergseth Bros.

Weekly Newsletter