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Raise Your Steins High! Summit Oktoberfest Returns

It’s that time of year, when the beer world falls in love. When every order you hear, seems to say, “Summit Oktoberfest.”

Yes folks, Summit Oktoberfest season has arrived once again! Our most popular seasonal is returning for the 20th year in a row.

(credit: Summit Brewing Company)


Given its popularity, we change next-to-nothing about this amber colored Märzen-style lager year-over-year. That means you can expect the same great toffee and caramel flavors from a malt blend built upon Moravian 37 malts, and crisp freshness from European hops. Clean and warm, it’ll cool you down on hot summer nights and heat you up on cool autumn days.

Get it before its gone!

Summit Oktoberfest will be available in 4/6/12 bottles, 2/12/12 cans and on draught. Prost!

Summit Through the Years – What Was Summit’s First Fall Seasonal? Watch the Video Below:

What’s Brewing Bergseth Bros.

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The August Schell Brewing Co., the second-oldest family-owned brewery in the country, has released its most popular seasonal for the fall celebration. Schell’s Oktoberfest has arrived!

Schell’s Oktoberfest is a Märzen (March) Festbier with a perfect balance of Pale, Munich, and Vienna malts which create its toasty backbone. In German tradition, this beer was originally brewed in March and laid down in the caves before the summer weather rendered brewing impossible. Stocks would be drawn upon heavily during the summer, and exhausted by the time October hit.

Keeping with true German tradition, Schell’s beer is brewed just once a year and leads us into the season’s Oktoberfest celebrations. New Ulm has the highest reported population in the United States with German ancestry so it is only fair that we strap on our traditional German garb and have a little fun (and some beer, of course). Next time you reach for an Oktoberfest,remember, it tastes best while dressed in your lederhosen!


Those who have had the opportunity to experience Oktoberfest in Munich will no doubt have vivid memories of the “halb hendl” or rotisserie chickens they serve with a side of French fries.

You will also find pork knuckles, wurst, kraut, assorted sausages, and salted white onions. Germans have perfected the art of pork and beer pairings by means of the sausage. The sweeter, toasty malt flavors and relatively subtle hopping pair well with rich but not strongly flavored pork. Soaking or cooking the brats in beer will only strengthen that marriage of flavors.

Moving away from the traditional pairings, Oktoberfest is a very versatile beer. Steaks and burgers fresh off the grill will pair nicely as long as they aren’t drowning in sauces.

Sweet-sauce pizza also works well, as the bready malts pair nicely with the tomato sauce and crust, while the crisp carbonation and light hops keep if from being cloying.

For cheese pairings, try highlighting the nutty, malty flavors of Oktoberfest with creamy, earthy, nutty varieties like robust Swiss, Emmental, and Gruyére.


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Paulaner Oktoberfest – The Prost must go on – Everything you need for Oktoberfest at home or Your Local Tavern

Check out the Website for – Decorations/Music/Oktoberfest Quiz/Wallpapers/Food and so Much More!!


Gut, besser, Paulaner. – Good, better, Paulaner.

The popularity of Paulaner beer has always extended beyond the city limits of Munich. The special enjoyment of beer, our highly skilled brewmasters and the famous Bavarian way of life are just a few factors contributing to Paulaner’s success – locally and internationally. More than 2 million hectolitres leave our brewery each year – travelling from Munich Langwied to over 70 countries.

Paulaner remains connected to its origins. The Oktoberfest in Munich and the annual Salvator tasting with the “Politiker Derblecken” (roasting) of the local politicians are just two examples of how Paulaner keeps its ties to Munich traditions.




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Dust off those lederhosen because it’s time to welcome back O’fest, our seasonal Märzen Oktoberfest bier!

O’fest pours deep amber in color and is full of rich, toasty malt character with a subtle hint of spiciness and hop flavor. O’Fest is a malt-forward beer with a balanced bitterness and an incredibly smooth finish from the extended lagering time. It’s an ideal match for brats off the grill, tailgating season and pairs perfectly with crisp fall evenings



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Moondrift Hazy IPA is the first of its kind in our new line of Starkeller Craft Series beers. Not only is it the first hazy IPA for the Starkeller, it’s also the first hazy IPA brewed at August Schell Brewing Co.

We knew we wanted to stick with standard Hazy IPA hops and decided on a mix of Citra, Sabro, and El Dorado to get a wide breadth of citrus flavors. Orange, grapefruit, and mango are the most prominent flavors you’ll find.

While the sour series is known for its aging process and patience, Moondrift is a rocket to the stars. Using Hornindal Kveik yeast and it’s traditionally soaring fermentation temp of 80-90 degrees, we were able to brew this beer in just 4 day’s time. That quick considering most of our sours take about 3-4 years to fully finish.

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Hard Coffee Variety 8-Pack

The new REBEL Hard Coffee variety 8-pack is here. Starring fan-favorites Mocha Hard Latte and Vanilla Hard Latte and introducing two NEW and decidedly different hard latte flavors … *drum roll* Maple Pecan Hard Latte and Salted Caramel Hard Latte. There’s something delicious for every hard coffee lover in our variety pack—have you found your favorite yet?

“We are proud to be the first hard coffee brand to bring a variety pack to the market,” said Michael Sargent, senior brand manager – REBEL Hard Coffee. “Our team is dedicated to providing coffee and alcohol lovers great tasting, innovative hard coffee beverages to enjoy – from mocha to salted caramel.”

Exclusive to the REBEL Hard Coffee variety pack, the Maple Pecan Hard Latte and Salted Caramel Hard Latte will make its debut alongside the well-known and loved Mocha Hard Latte and Vanilla Hard Latte core flavors.


New REBEL Maple Pecan Hard Latte

  • Wonderfully sweet maple is mixed with buttery pecan that results in a truly delightful blend
  • 100% Arabica coffee
  • Natural ingredients
  • 5.0% ABV


New REBEL Salted Caramel Hard Latte

  • The right blend of sweet and salty are delivered through a balance of caramel and a touch of salt
  • 100% Arabica coffee
  • Natural ingredients
  • 5.0% ABV


Recently named the #1 hard coffee brand by Vinepair, the REBEL Hard Coffee variety pack includes two Mocha Hard Lattes, two Vanilla Hard Lattes, two Maple Pecan Hard Lattes, and two Salted Caramel Hard Lattes, totaling eight per pack.

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Brand New Year-Round

Empyrean Sun Slinger Extra Pale Ale

Plunge face-first into a cool, desert mirage, dripping with sunshine citrus and lemonade highlights. Warm, dry-hop aromas and flavors vibrate around you.

A wheat-centered pale ale, generously dry-hopped for effect. Pale and crisp with lemon citrus highlights.

Emerge refreshed, without the carbs or calories. Keep on ridin’, long after the sun goes down.

Empyrean Super Nova California Common

Inspired by the hybrid American beer style spurred by California’s gold rush 150 years ago, we brew our Super Nova™ California Common with a modern twist. The backbone of smooth Pilsner malt and touch of sharp Rye complement the finish: a candy-citrus and fruit character from our blend of Amarillo and Galaxy hops.

Smooth and light-bodied like all good summer beers, Super Nova™ is a formula for the modern era.


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Available in Draught, 4/6/12 Slim Cans & 2/12/12 Slim Cans

Schell’s LoCal Twist Citrus Wheat

LoCal Twist is a light, citrus wheat beer with refreshing grapefruit and orange flavors, and only 98 calories. With only 3.8g of carbs and a 3.9% ABV, it’s one you’ll want to be sipping all day long. Trust us!

ABV: 4.0% IBU: 10


LoCal Twist Citrus Wheat Ale might be light on calories, but it has never been taken light-heartedly. We wanted to deliver on the promise of flavor without compromising the craft. Through time, trial, and trust, we crafted this beer with the customer in mind – – we hope you can taste the difference.

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The Wait is Over….. Grain Belt BLU Blueberry Lager has arrived to our market!! Grain Belt BLU is available in 2/12/12oz Skinny Cans and on draught.

Grain Belt BLU, a summery spin on the iconic “Friendly Beer,” combines Grain Belt Premium with a generous load of real blueberries. It would be a mistake, however, to associate the beer with a sweet, syrupy blueberry pie dessert. On the contrary, Grain Belt Blu is light, balanced, and refreshing—a delightfully subtle twist on the classic American lager.

Grain Belt BLU

BEER STYLE: American Lager with Real Blueberry Juice


CHARACTERISTICS: Purple in color, as the real blueberry juice takes charge. A light malt flavor with a balanced blueberry sweetness puts a delightful twist on the classic Premium lager.

Photo Compliments of http://www.beerguystv.com/

Try adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a delicious summery adult treat – It’ll be the hit of the party!


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Enjoy the best summer all over again with the only hard seltzer that tastes as good as summer feels.

It only lasts as long as summer does, so get yours today! #CreamPopSummer