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Weekly Online Newsletter Vol.156

Bismarck’s first craft brewery is getting bigger to meet the growing demand for its beer.  Laughing Sun Brewing Company, which opened its doors in downtown Bismarck in 2012, expanded its operations. Thus, allowing us to form a distribution partnership with co-owners Todd Sattler and Mike Frohlich. We’re delighted to distribute their wonderful beers in our North Dakota territory.

“This community was introduced to fresh craft beer at our small downtown brewery.  They liked it, told their friends and family about it, and ignited a demand for our beers across the state.  Now we’re excited to grow and meet that demand.”

The centerpiece of Laughing Sun’s new Front Street brewery is a manufacturing facility that includes a new 20-barrel brew system – a large increase in capacity from its current 3.5-barrel system…..

“I’ve been loading our beer into my truck every week and delivering it to customers in Bismarck, Fargo and Minot and I’m tired,” smiled Frohlich.  “We really don’t want to start a trucking company.  We have awesome professional distributors in our state who, thankfully, know our beers, have relationships with the places we’d like to take it, and are willing help us do that.”  Although Laughing Sun initially will focus on distribution across North Dakota, it has reserved space in the new building to accommodate additional fermentation tanks so that it may serve regional markets beyond North Dakota as its distribution business grows.  “North Dakota wants more access to great local craft beer.  We’ll start at home, in North Dakota, and if all goes well, move outward from there,” said Frohlich.

To read more follow this link: https://www.mainstreetnd.com/news/laughing-sun-brewing-expanding-operations-bismarck


Click Play Below to Watch a recent news segment on KFYR TV, Bismarck, ND

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