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American Craft Beer Week 2017 - Bergseth Bros.

Bergseth Bros. is proud of our Craft Beer Brands – so let’s celebrate American Craft Beer Week together with some promotions, tastings, tap invasions, etc.

Below is several ideas for American Craft Beer Week May 15-21, 2017 from our partners at the Brewers Association. If you need any help coordinating events, setting up events or additional event ideas do not hesitate to contact your Bergesth Bros. Sales Representative. You can also contact me directly via this email.


What is American Craft Beer Week?

For the 12th year in a row, the Brewers Association invites you to celebrate American Craft Beer Week®, the nationwide celebration of U.S. small and independent craft brewers. The weeklong tribute provides an opportunity for craft brewers to share their diversity, creativity and passion for the beverage they love.

From May 15 – 21, 2017 all 50 states will be holding events including exclusive brewery tours, special beer releases, beer and food pairings, tap takeovers and more to celebrate America’s ever-advancing beer culture.


Check out “CraftBeer.com’s American Craft Beer Week” by Brewers Association on Vimeo. video 2017 acbw

Resources & Ideas


Ideas for Retailers

  • Organize a craft beer pairing dinner.
  • Craft beer pairing using 2017 ACBW materials.
  • Celebrate with a craft beer tap takeover night.
  • Brewers Night – invite the local brewery to host a tasting!
  • Week-long beer bingo – encourage patrons to try everything on tap or in bottles for prizes.
  • Brew master Dinner
  • Beer history dinner – tell the story of American craft beer.


Off-Premise Recommendations

  • Advertise and promote craft beers that week
  • Display more craft beer that week
  • Set up a distinctive Craft Beer display area for the week – put it in an early – high traffic location
  • Put up shelf POS to highlighting Craft Beer Week
  • Use a Craft Beer Week border in your ad to highlight the week
  • Have a staff person or brewery personnel work with customers – Thursday pm, Friday pm and Saturday afternoon
  • Put up beer style, ingredients and brewing POS during the week to encourage consumer awareness and trial



  • Craft beer tap takeover/tap invasion
  • Craft beer specials for the week
  • Flights special of different craft beers
  • Vertical style tastings – all lagers, all IPA, etc. during the week
  • Wait-staff programs – incentives, education, etc
  • Large poster announcing the week and table tents
  • Food and craft beer specials all week
  • Promotions with brewers or brewery reps
  • Promotions about beer, brewing, ingredients and tasting
  • Around the country card – try all featured craft beers and get a prize, certificate, t-shirts


Promote Your Event on CraftBeer.com

  • Enter your event into the ‘official’ American Craft Beer Week database to stand up and have your celebration included with hundreds of others!
  • Be sure to choose the Event Type: American Craft Beer Week.
  • Include all the details you can about how , when and where craft beer enthusiasts can participate.
  • Photos are welcome or at least upload your business logo with your post.

American Craft Beer Week 2017 - Bergseth Brands

Special Thanks to CraftBeer.com and the Brewers Association!

 Please check with your Bergseth Bros. Representative on Availability and Pricing (Some products not available in certain markets)


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