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Weekly Online Newsletter Vol.65

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What a wonderful time to be involved in the beer industry, whether you’re a retailer, wholesaler or supplier. In the United States Craft Beer breweries have hit a record high, eclipsing over five thousand breweries. Craft Beer is still on the rise and I believe it will have a prominent presence going into the foreseeable future.

Bergseth Bros. had an exciting 2016, launching several new brands in our territory; Odell Brewing Company, Rhombus Guys Brewing Company, B.Nektar Mead-Cider-Beer, Base Camp Brewing Company, Standard by Fulton Brewing Company, Truly Spiked & Sparkling and White Claw Hard Seltzer.


In 2016, we saw several of our breweries win awards, locally, nationally and internationally.  We’ve seen label changes, brand extensions, mergers and acquisitions.  Every day is different in the beer industry, but it is certainly fun even on the bad days.


Bergseth Bros. is proud to have distributed beer in our region since our start in 1946. Please choose us for your needs this season and next year. We toast our customers, suppliers, and the American system of alcohol distribution. We thank you for your business and hope to share success in 2017. Cheers!


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