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Rhombus Guys Brewing Company Logo Wrapped

I had the pleasure to visit a historical gem this past weekend in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Rhombus Guys Brewing Company located in the historic Metropolitan Opera House in Downtown Grand Forks. The building was built in 1890, was home to a few other businesses until it was ravished by flood waters in the 1997. It remained an empty historic shell for over 15 years. That was until Matt Winjum and Arron Hendricks purchased the building in 2013. The transformation from Metropolitan Opera House to Brewery was underway shortly after the purchase. During the year-long renovation they did a great job preserving the historical significance of the building while adding modern touches. Rhombus Guys Brewing Company just celebrated its one year Anniversary with a party at the brewery       bldg1Historic Metropolitan Opera House

   img_3283The Rhombus Guys are, left to right, Arron Hendricks, Chad Gunderson, Matt Winjum

In just one short year Rhombus Guys Brewing Company has made a name for themselves, winning three prestigious awards in this very short time.


Happy Harry’s Beer & Bacon, Grand Forks, ND

Best Brewery – Rhombus Brewing Company



Bernie’s Bacon & Beer, Fargo, ND

Best Brewery – Rhombus Brewing Company



Summer Beer Dabbler, St. Paul, MN

Lord Dabbler’s Cup (Best Brewery) – Rhombus Brewing Company


On your next trip to the Grand Cities make sure you take time to tour of this beautiful brewery. Until then, Enjoy a pint of Rhombus Brewing Company Beer!


Brews currently Available from Rhombus Brewing Company:



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