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Weekly Online Newsletter Vol.41

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We are very excited to announce that Bergseth Bros. will be distributing B. Nektar Mead – Cider – Beer!!!!!

This amazing product will be arriving in our warehouse soon. We will be hosting two launch parties to get things going in our North Dakota and Minnesota markets.

B. Nektar is a leader in the mead category, which is the fastest growing segment in the craft realm. B. Nektar’s sales division is led by Aaron Tyrell, formerly of Stone Brewing Company. Bergseth Bros. will have the privilege to launch and grow B. Nektar with Aaron in our territory.

B. Nektar’s mission is a direct and clear message: To educate consumers about our products en route to establishing brand dominance in the alcoholic craft beverage market. Bergseth Bros. will carry on this mission by educating your consumers, employees and you on B. Nektar’s fine products.

The following brands will be available in 500ml bottles and limited 1/6 bbl draught.

B.Nektar Zombie Killer

B.Nektar Necro

B.Nektar Kill all the Golfers

B.Nektar Tuco

B.Nektar BW Horizontal

B. Nektar Launches

with Aaron Tyrell in North Dakota & Minnesota

North Dakota Launch:
Sidestreet Grille & Pub
Tuesday, July 12th 5pm-7pm

Minnesota Launch:
Zorbaz on the Lake Detroit Lakes
Wednesday, July 13th 5-7pm


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