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I wanted to take a quick break from Oktoberfest Beers this week and talk about a subject that has taken the craft beer scene by storm – Heineken buying 50% stake of Lagunitas Brewing. I’ve had numerous conversations with retailers both on and off premise in regards to this subject. The main question brought up is; what will change and will this affect the quality of either brand? The long story short –NO…..




This gives Lagunitas Brewing an opportunity to distribute its products worldwide and give back to its original investors. It does not affect operations in the United States. This was a merger for the future growth into international markets. In fact, Heineken wasn’t the highest bidder just the better fit. Enough from me let’s hear from the man who started this tremendous brewery Tony Magee. I’ve attached a few links to read and I highly recommend watching the video below of Tony Magee at the California Craft Beer Summit (29:00 minute mark).

Click on the play button below and go to the 29:00 minute mark –

Be Careful Tony is very passionate about his brewery…

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HEINEKEN and Lagunitas Brewing Company Partner to Take Craft Beer Global

HEINEKEN to invest in a 50 percent stake in leading U.S. craft brewer

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands and PETAFUKINLUMA, Calif. (Date) – HEINEKEN N.V (“HEINEKEN”), established in 1864 and now the leading brewer and marketer of premium beer and cider brands, and The Lagunitas Brewing Company (“Lagunitas”), based in Petaluma, California, today announced that they have entered into a powerful new partnership, which will allow Lagunitas to export the exciting vibe of American craft beer globally.

HEINEKEN and Lagunitas will form a joint venture and Lagunitas will continue to operate independently in the US, maintaining the integrity of its brews and culture. Tony Magee, founder of Lagunitas, will remain at the helm, with the same leadership and staff, same brewers, same recipes and same suppliers and distributors helping to drive the brand forward.

Both companies will benefit from the partnership. HEINEKEN provides Lagunitas with a global opportunity to present its beers to new consumers and Lagunitas provides HEINEKEN with the opportunity to build a strong foothold in the dynamic Craft Brewing category on a global scale, with the category growing in popularity almost everywhere now

“This venture will create a way for Lagunitas to help HEINEKEN’s global distribution network participate in the growing craft beer category in places from Tierra Del Fuego and Mongolia to the far-flung Isle of Langerhans,” Tony Magee, founder of Lagunitas, said. “Lagunitas will share in the best quality processes in the world and enjoy an open door to opportunities that took lifetimes to build. This alliance with the world’s most international brewer represents a profound victory for American craft. It will open doors that had previously been shut and bring the U.S. craft beer vibe to communities all over the world.”

Jean-François van Boxmeer, a lifelong beer aficionado and now CEO of HEINEKEN added: “We are very excited to partner with Lagunitas. We recognize and respect the tremendous success of Tony and his team in building one of the great American Craft Beer brands. We look forward to that same team partnering with us to expand Lagunitas globally, so it can reach parts that other craft beer brands have not.”

Lagunitas has breweries in Petaluma, California, and Chicago, Illinois, with a total capacity of 1.2 million barrels. A third brewery under construction is scheduled to open in Azusa, California, in 2017, which will help Lagunitas keep pace with current demand. HEINEKEN, on the other hand, has 180 of those buggers everywhere.

The partnership details have been agreed to and signed and is expected to close early in the 4th quarter.

Wells Fargo Securities, LLC is acting as exclusive financial advisor to Lagunitas and Sidley-Austin LLP and McNeil, Silveira, Rice & Wiley served as legal counsel.

View the complete article at: https://lagunitas.com/heineken-and-lagunitas-brewing-company-partner-to-take-craft-beer-global

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A few more words from Tony Magee’s blog http://lagunitast.tumblr.com



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