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Moondrift Hazy IPA is the first of its kind in our new line of Starkeller Craft Series beers. Not only is it the first hazy IPA for the Starkeller, it’s also the first hazy IPA brewed at August Schell Brewing Co.

We knew we wanted to stick with standard Hazy IPA hops and decided on a mix of Citra, Sabro, and El Dorado to get a wide breadth of citrus flavors. Orange, grapefruit, and mango are the most prominent flavors you’ll find.

While the sour series is known for its aging process and patience, Moondrift is a rocket to the stars. Using Hornindal Kveik yeast and it’s traditionally soaring fermentation temp of 80-90 degrees, we were able to brew this beer in just 4 day’s time. That quick considering most of our sours take about 3-4 years to fully finish.

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