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Smirnoff Red, White and Berry Seltzer bursts with flavor containing a blend of cherry, citrus and blue raspberry. With no artificial sweeteners and only 90 calories, the patriotic can brings out the stars when cold-activated to beat the summer heat.

“From Memorial Day to Independence Day and beyond, there are so many opportunities during the summer months to celebrate American pride and inclusivity,” said Jay Sethi, Vice President of Marketing, SMIRNOFF™. “With the release of SMIRNOFF™ Red, White & Berry, we hope to bring people from all cultures and traditions together, because good times are made better when everyone is invited.”

This limited edition beverage joins the ranks of Smirnoff’s other popular seltzers like Cranberry Lime, Blackberry and Pina Colada, among many others. Nothing is better than hearing the satisfying pop of a cold, canned beverage in the summer heat. Plus, the can even changes to blue when it’s perfectly chilled.

Red, White & Berry Seltzer is the Fourth of July in a can!

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