What’s Brewing Bergseth Bros.

Weekly Online Newsletter Vol.191

As if brewing approachable, extraordinary beers 5 days a week wasn’t enough already we’re throwing our collective hats into the ring of the Hard Seltzer. Comprised of flavors including: Grapefruit, Berry, Blood Orange, and Lemon Lime there’s sure to be a little something for everyone in this package.

We spent nearly a year working on recipes, flavor combinations, new processes, packaging and identity work across all departments.

We now can proudly say the fruits (pun definitely intended) of our labor are yours to enjoy.

We’re happy to announce that Fulton’s first shipment of Hard Seltzer Mixed 12packs has left the building!

We hope you’re ready to have more fun this summer. We certainly are.

Grapefruit + Lonely Blonde = Summer In A Can. Those words are directly from you Minnesota and we couldn’t say it better ourselves or be happier to hear it. So whether you’re at Target Field watching the Twins whoop the other team or you’re on a boat with friends-enjoy Minnesota.

Best paired with sunshine and enthusiastic outdoor weekend activities. Also doubles as an incredible shower beer/quick lunch beer. You choose how to fit it in but do so quick-like…we only brewed and packed this once!


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