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Weekly Online Newsletter Vol.172

Schell’s Brewery Rolls Out Firebrick for Firefighters

to Raise Money for Local Fire Departments


March 8, 2019. Schell’s Brewery is pleased to announce their program to help raise money for local fire departments all over the Midwest. Kegs of Schell’s Firebrick will be rolling out of the back of delivery trucks and into local bars where patrons can stop by their local establishment for a pint of beer. With every keg that is emptied for the remainder of 2019, $10 will go to support the local fire departments.

This donation is Schell’s way of thanking the hardworking men and women who put their lives on the line to help others. Each fire department has a strong community presence which is why each dollar raised in every community will stay there. Stop by a participating location and help by raising a “Firebrick for Firefighters” today.

To set-up a specific fire department or association talk with your Bergseth Bros. Sales Representative.





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