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Online Weekly Newsletter Vol.153

We’re very excited to announce our new partnership with Drumconrath Brewing Company in Mapleton, North Dakota. Founder, Sam Corr has a passion for the beer industry, insisting on quality products, with a core line-up of sessionable beers.

We have full distribution rights in our North Dakota territory. Our Minnesota territory will open up once; the brewery has enough capacity to support both markets. It will be draught beer only to start, followed by cans in 2019. Please, check with your Bergseth Bros. Sales Representative on availability and pricing.

Check out this great article from craftbeer.com,  Drumconrath Brewing Co.: Serving Craft Beer in A Macro Beer Town written by:  Alicia Underlee Nelson

…. If you’re Drumconrath Brewing Company — which, when it opened in 2017, was the first North Dakota brewery to operate in a city of less than 1,110 people since 1890 – you ignore the trends, make approachable beer and convert the adjunct beer drinkers, one person at a time https://www.craftbeer.com/featured-brewery/drumconrath-brewing-co-serving-craft-beer-in-a-macro-beer-town


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