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Weekly Online Newsletter Vol.141

Summer, at a lake, is about as Minnesotan as one can be; and fishing for walleye is a true Minnesota experience.  I’ve had the luxury of going to the same lake for my entire life, Big Toad Lake in Minnesota. Some of my greatest memories as a kid were going fishing for walleye with my father. He would pack a cooler with beer for him and a few grape and orange flavored sodas for me.  I would snack on sunflower seeds all afternoon trying to catch the eluding Minnesota walleye. If we were lucky, we could catch the Minnesota Twins on the radio as well. Unfortunately, sometimes this was the only thing we caught.

I am lucky to still have my father around today so we can continue to go fishing at Big Toad Lake. Nowadays, the flavored soda is replaced with a wide range of craft beers.  The sunflower seeds are still packed and we plan fishing around the Minnesota Twin’s games.

I can’t tell you the best way to land a walleye, but I can surely help you match your fresh walleye with some great craft beers. Pairing your walleye with craft beers depends on how you prepare your walleye. Below are some great examples of walleye, prepared various ways and matched with some outstanding beers. For more information and complete recipes check out http://fishing-in-minnesota.com/blog/2013/06/05/10-best-walleye-recipes/#sthash.YVF0WV5k.dpbs


Crispy breaded fish without frying!

  1. Fargo Brewing Original Lager
  2. Summit Brewing Co. Dakota Soul
  3. August Schell Brewing Co. Fort Road Helles


This is a fantastic marinade, walleye is one of the best whitefish!

  1. Bell’s Brewery Oberon Ale
  2. Sam ‘76
  3. Odell Brewing Co. Rupture Fresh Grind Ale


A great recipe from Gunflint Lodge

  1. Lagunitas Brewing Co. India Pale Ale
  2. Summit Brewing Co. Extra Pale Ale
  3. Rhombus Brewing Co. Invincible Pale Ale


  1. Lakefront Brewery Fixed Gear American Red India Pale Ale
  2. Standard Lager by Fulton Brewing Co.
  3. Fargo Brewing Co. Stone’s Throw Ale


Great cheesy fish bites!

  1. Rhombus Brewing Co. Iconic Blonde Ale
  2. Fulton Brewing Co. Lonely Blonde Ale
  3. Guinness American Blonde Lager


A light crust for this delicate fish won’t cover up the taste of the fish itself. Plus it is quick and easy.

  1. Samuel Adams Boston Lager
  2. August Schell Brewing Co. Firebrick Vienna Lager
  3. Empyrean Brewing Co. Dark Side Vanilla Porter


Give the catch of the day an unexpected zip with salsa. It dresses up the golden crumb-coated fillets and keeps them moist and tender.

  1. Odell Brewing Co. Drumroll American Pale Ale
  2. August Schell Brewing Co. Citra Blanc American Pale Lager
  3. Lagunitas Brewing Co. Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’


  1. Bell’s Brewery Two-Hearted India Pale Ale
  2. Fulton Brewing Co. 300 Mosaic India Pale Ale
  3. Samuel Adams New England India Pale Ale


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