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Take It Where Summer Takes You: The Summit Boundary Waters Box Variety Pack

By Summit Brewing Company

 Summer is here, and around Summit Brewing Co. that means it’s time to update the beer fridge.

Now, back to the beer fridge. We’re sure you don’t have any old, expired beers tucked away in the back. You drink your beer cold and fresh, after all. But why not take a look, just in case, and make sure there’s room for a few new flavors?

Namely: Summit Skip Rock, Summit Lazy Sipper, Summit Golden Fruited, and Summit Hefeweizen. All four are available inside the Summit Boundary Waters Box, a new variety pack of twelve 12-oz. cans.

Whether you’re hitting up the lake, a ballgame, the dog park, your favorite bike trails, the neighbor’s backyard fire pit, a sick bocce tournament, a block party, a family get-together, a road trip with buddies, helping a friend move out of their crummy apartment, grilling some pork chops at home, chilling in your hammock, doing some yardwork, stopping by a pool party in your new European-style short-shorts, flying model rockets and airplanes, going birding, planting your garden, walking around the block at sunset with your dog, playing horseshoes, paddling downriver, fishing off the dock, rollerblading on fresh blacktop, or playing beach volleyball, these Summit Boundary Waters Box beers are ready for any adventure you can dream up — as long as you stick ‘em in the cooler with ice. They need ice.

Summit Skip Rock

Brewed with tangerine peel and fresh-ground coriander, Summit Skip Rock White Ale offers notes of zesty citrus, clove and biscuit. Unfiltered and brewed with a complex malt bill including wheat and oats, it’s full-bodied, slightly sweet, and a little tart beneath the surface, leading to a crisp, refreshing finish. Find it on draft and inside the variety pack now, and come June, you’ll be able to spot Skip Rock in 6-packs and 12-packs of 12-oz. cans.

Summit Lazy Sipper

First brewed for the draft lines at the 2017 Minnesota State Fair, Summit Lazy Sipper is back this year and available now in 12-oz. bottles and cans both on its own and inside the variety pack. Brewed with all Minnesota ingredients, Lazy Sipper features Mighty Axe hops, malts from Rahr Malting, just a touch of fresh Minnesota strawberry in the finish and aroma. Click here if you like reading about how Minnesota ingredients are better than other ingredients.

Summit Golden Fruited

Featuring aromas of passionfruit and mango from 100 percent Galaxy hops from Australia, plus notes of toast and bread from US, UK and Argentinian malts, Summit Golden Fruited is balanced by hints of fresh peach and apricot. Crisp, refreshing, and low in bitterness and alcohol, this perfect patio beer is available only inside the variety pack and in limited draft. Not thirsty yet? Read this.

Summit Hefeweizen

A classic German wheat beer, this one’s got some history with Summit Brewing Co., and we’re happy to welcome it back to our seasonal lineup. Available on draft and inside the variety pack, our Hefe offers up a toasted breadcrumb base, a little hop spice, aromas of banana and clove, and a dry, refreshing finish. Click here for more information about the beer’s tremendous yeast strain.


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