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Weekly Online Newsletter Vol.132

Same brand. New look.

Excerpt from Fargo Brewing Company News Release:

Fargo Brewing strives to bring our fans well-crafted, consistent beers. Today, we are proud to announce an update to our classic packaging and brand representation. This rebrand represents over a year’s worth of work with Fargo natives and microbrew brand developers Chalk.

The new branding reflects a more modern and modest approach to packaging and will allow us to provide canned options for limited release beers. Our new branding also reflects changes to our updated website at www.fargobrewing.com, which will include new functionality, such as a beer locator, content from Fargo Brewing tagged Instagram posts, and an updated events page.

“It was our goal to create a strategy where we could affordably offer a more diverse family of products to markets that previously couldn’t get them,” said Aaron Hill, co-founder of Fargo Brewing Company. “Now we can offer small-batch and limited release beers to retail locations throughout our territory and potentially introduce new audiences to local craft beer.”

The new can artwork will prominently feature the Fargo Brewing Company word mark with maximum size and contrast; a stark visual aid for fans seeking out their favorite Fargo beer. Below the word mark, each brand will include the state of North Dakota, in a unique color, with the Fargo Brewing Company logo radiating from the brewery’s geographical location.

“We were humbled our home town’s brewery gave us the opportunity to really tackle a strategy from the ground up,” said Matt Charpentier, co-founder of Chalk. “Together, we were able to create a solution we believe will be great for both the brewery and consumer.”

About Fargo Brewing Company Fargo Brewing Company is North Dakota’s largest and oldest operating brewery. It was founded in 2010 by Jared Hardy, Aaron Hill, Chris Anderson, and John Anderson. Driven by a desire to bring craft beer to North Dakota, the Fargo natives used their experiences in the Pacific Northwest to launch the company. Fargo Brewing currently distributes beer throughout all of North Dakota, South Dakota, and portions of Minnesota and Wisconsin.



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