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Some Great News from Brian Hoffman, VP of Sales & Co-Founder of Fulton Brewing Company:


Draft Magazine just published a list of their top 50 IPAs in America, and 300 was ranked as #20 in the country!  The top 50 came from a total of 386 IPAs from all over the country, and “the IPAs were tasted blind (meaning the folks drinking them had no knowledge of what they were drinking) by our panel of judges, all of whom are either Certified Cicerones or Beer Judge Certification Program veterans with a certified, national or master ranking.”


One big takeaway for me from the article was: “According to market research group IRI, which tracks sales at grocery and convenience stores, sales of IPA have climbed from 8.9 percent of the total volume of Brewers Association-defined “craft” beer in 2011 to 25.2 percent in 2016. Get that? More than quarter of all the craft beer sold last year was IPA.”  That means that for a segment of craft beer that makes up 25% of all craft sold, our IPA is better than all but 19, none of which are brewed/available in the Midwest.

“Ordinary guys (brewery owners) discussing Fulton’s 300 Mosaic IPA” on YouTube

Fulton 300 Video


Below is the full Draft Magazine Article and Fulton Brewing Company Excerpt:



The 50 best IPAs in America

We asked every brewer we know to send us their IPAs: 386 bottles, cans, crowlers and growlers later, we found our 50 favorites.

ZACH FOWLE , JUNE 27, 2017


fulton 300 press draft

FUlton 300 sell sheet - new


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