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Food and Souvenirs at a Baseball Game

One of my favorite past-times in the summer is attending baseball games and indulging in the great fare available at the games. I thought I would take it one step further, because I’m assuming most of us attending the games are quenching our thirst with a beer.  What’s better than great ballpark food, beer and baseball?


I read a great article from Draft Magazine last week and included an excerpt below with my beer recommendations. I also added a few extra ballpark staples with beer pairings. Whether you’re at the ballpark or in your backyard these food and beer parings are sure to be a HOME RUN!



Nachos & Kölsch, Helles or Light American Lager:  If your tortilla chips are drowning in irresistibly thick, creamy cheese, toss a life ring to the crisp, corny flavor with an equally crisp and corny kölsch. The beer’s lively effervescence and clean finish easily wash away the gooey goodness.

Fargo Brewing Company Fargo Original Helles Lager

August Schell Fort Road Helles Lager

Coors Light


Pretzel & German Pilsner: In a pairing as natural as baseball and summer, a German pilsner’s grainy malts extend seamlessly into the bread of the pretzel; salt punctuates the flavor before the beer’s bold bitterness whisks the doughy bite away.

August Schell Bavarian Pilsner

Paulaner Lager

Warsteiner Lager


Peanuts & Brown Ale or Vienna Lager: A straightforward brown ale or Vienna lager and simple bag of peanuts throw an exciting curveball in this pairing: The beer’s rich, toasted notes meld deftly with the nutty, dry shell and salty peanut flavors, creating an intricate flavor profile.

New Castle Brown Ale

Samuel Adams Boston Lager

August Schell Firebrick Lager


Hot Dog & American Pale Ale: A peppy pale ale with hops that lean green (think onion and grass) amps up vegetal notes in the relish, while countering sweet, tart condiments like mustard and ketchup. The beer’s bready malt backbone latches onto the bun, while its firm bitterness cleans up the bite.

Rhombus Brewing Co. Invincible Pale Ale

Odell Brewing Co. Drumroll Pale Ale

Summit Brewing Co. Extra Pale Ale


A few more classic baseball food items with beer


Fries (Frites) & American Premium Lager: Even if the Belgians make the best frites in the world and are the largest consumers per person, those salty potato sticks are still an American staple cuisine. In general, fries (or frites) are light in flavor profile, so opt for a brew that will help cleanse the palate.

Grain Belt Premium Lager

Fulton Brewing Co. Standard Lager

Coors Banquet


Sunflower Seeds & India Pale Ale: Beer and salt go together because bitter and salt go together. It’s not exactly clear why, but salt neutralizes the bitter elements and lets the taster enjoy the other characteristics in the beer. Throw some salty sunflower seeds in your mouth before and after taking a big swig of beer and your taste buds will reach a special level of enlightenment.


Lagunitas Brewing Co. India Pale Ale

Odell Brewing Co. India Pale Ale

Summit Brewing Co. Saga India Pale Ale


Corndogs & American Blonde Ale: According to popular legend, German immigrants were the first on these shores to cover sausage with batter, supposedly to make their sausages easier to sell. The tactic worked. The corn dog – a layer of crispy, deep-fried fluffiness that gives way to a savory hot dog or sausage on a stick – became an American staple.


Fulton Brewing Co. Lonely Blonde Ale

Rhombus Guys Brewing Co. Iconic Blonde Ale

Guinness American Blonde Ale


Cracker Jack & Porter: Cracker Jack isn’t just caramel popcorn…the addition of molasses and peanuts add to the depth and variety of flavor and the low and slow baking time make this a light and crispy candy-like treat. Porter is the perfect beer to pair with Cracker Jack! Dark brown in color with aromas of caramel, toffee, and roasted malts and flavors of rich malt, brown sugar, and chocolate but only medium bodied and well carbonated to provide a smooth finish.


Empyrean Brewing Co. Long Route Peanut Butter Porter

Fargo Brewing Co. Sod Buster Porter

Summit Brewing Co. Great Northern Porter


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