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Weekly Online Newsletter Vol.79


It’s that time of year – The NCAA basketball tournament is wrapping up, the Master’s Golf Tournament is this week and more importantly warmer weather is here.  With the warmer weather comes the opening of golf courses and patios for the summer season.

This week I wanted to highlight our brands that have can, aluminum bottles and plastic bottle packages. All of these packages are great options for the golf courses, patios, beaches, camping and fishing.

We won’t get into the great debate over cans vs. bottles; what’s a better package for beer? (maybe that’s a future newsletter) Today we thank, the aluminum and plastic packages because of them we can enjoy the greatest beverage on Earth almost anywhere we travel.

Josh L


The lists below contain general information regarding many of the brands that we carry at Bergseth Bros. We have more brands that are not on the lists below, so make sure to check with your Bergseth Bros. sales rep for a complete listing of brands.






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