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Weekly Online Newsletter Vol.74

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What a great weekend for sports! NCAA hockey is getting real interesting, with the Fighting Hawk fans barely holding on. If you like seeing cars crash, the Daytona 500 was your cup of tea. NCAA basketball teams are moving up or down in the rankings as they prepare for March Madness.


fresh runoff


One thing for sure, this is a sign that spring is just around the corner. We even had spring weather, and then Mother Nature had its own plans for us with a dropping of snow. As the seasons change so does the flavor profiles of beers offered by many of the breweries that we carry. I wanted to showcase two of those beers today; Odell Runoff Red IPA AVAILABLE NOW and Samuel Adams Fresh as Helles COMING SOON.

NOW AVAILABLE – Odell Runoff Red India Pale Ale

Run Off NA

Odell Run Off

COMING SOON – Samuel Adams Fresh as Helles, Helles Lager w/Orange Blossom


PRESS PLAY BELOW – To Watch Jim Koch taste Fresh as Helles Lager w/Orange Blossom

Fresh as Helles Video

Fresh as Helles Style Profile

Fresh as Helles Food

Please check with your sales person on availability and pricing (please note some products are not available in certain markets)


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