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I hope you got to enjoy the exciting game yesterday with family and friends – it will surely go down as one of the greatest Super Bowl’s ever! We have lots of new and exciting things “brewing” at Bergseth Bros.

Fargo Brewing Company Mighty Red Imperial Red Ale was released today in both cans and draught. This is the fourth time that Fargo Brewing Company has brewed this beer. Three years ago, being the first time it was brewed in very limited amounts. Due to the success of Mighty Red, Fargo Brewing Company decided to make this a yearly, early spring beer (February time frame).  Please see the attached beer description sheet above.

20160122_Mighty Red_0071

Fargo Brewing Company Mighty Red Imperial Red Ale – Mighty Red is a West Coast style Imperial Red Ale with rich, malty body supporting a huge citrus and spice hop presence. Caramel malt and oats provide rich, smooth body, while  Midnight Wheat provides the red color and roast character. The Chinook hops provide a slightly sweet, spicy and fruity counter. Remember, when the waters get high, don’t get mad. Get Mighty!

ABV: 6.6% IBU: 55


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Brewery Bulletin: Sean does Malt

Fargo Brewing Brewer Bulletin


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FBC Video


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