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Snow…Snow…Snow… We woke up to more snow today. I need an escape!

Samuel Adams recently launched a new beer called Hopscape. The name “Hopscape” is just that, a hoppy escape from the cold and snow of the long winter months. Four types of West Coast hops add bold notes of pine and juicy grapefruit to this deep golden wheat ale, for a crisp flavor that’s a refreshing escape from winter’s lingering chill.



Food Pairings:

The citrusy, piney, and resinous notes that the hops contribute to this beer make it the perfect pairing for spicy foods, while its crisp wheat character balances the spice. The peppery, allspice complexity of jerk chicken enhances the hop profile in this beer, while buffalo cucumbers’ mixture of heat and coolness mirror the beer’s balance between malt and hops.

Jerk Chicken

Buffalo cucumbers

Click Play Below to watch Jim Koch present Samuel Adams Hopscape



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