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Weekly Online Newsletter Vol.32


We have lots of exciting things brewing with Lagunitas this year including; Undercover Investigation Shut Down Ale released (available now), Limited Release Lucky 13 Mega Mondo Red Ale, a new year-round brand Aunt Sally’s Ale, OneHitter Series Waldo’s Special Ale and IPA 12pks! This is just the tip of the ice berg on what’s to come from our friends at Lagunitas.

The boys at  Lagunitas have lots of stories to tell, in fact, some of their stories and events are captured in their beers. Undercover Investigation Shut-Down Ale is a perfect example of passing along one of their stories.

In remembrance of the St. Patrick’s Day Massacre, 11 years ago, we gathered some survivors to tell the story of how the Shut-Down all went down… …Click on the Video!

Under Cover (2)


Now Available in 4/6 Bottles


Coming soon From Lagunitas…………


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Lucky 13 Play Button

Limited Release – Available Soon in Draught & 4/6pk Bottles


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Aunt Sally Play Button

NEW – Year-Round Brand Available Soon in Draught & 4/6pks



 Available Soon – Lagunitas IPA  2/12pks


Please check with your sales person on availability and pricing (please note some products are not available in certain markets)


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