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What an exciting time for craft beer in the United States. Craft beer sales have surged to all-time highs and gaining market share at an exorbitant rate. Every day, two new breweries are built in the U.S. Last year, the U.S. passed over 4000 breweries for the first time since the 1870’s. Currently, there are more breweries than ever before topping the old mark of 4,131.

We feel at Bergseth Bros. that our Local, Regional and National Craft Brands in our portfolio, offer exceptional quality in all segments. Many of the breweries that we represent are spattered with accolades from the largest beer competitions and publications from around the globe.

FargoRhombus Guys Brewing Company Logo Wrapped

Local Craft Brands (FM Area):

Fargo Brewing Company: Fargo, ND

Rhombus Guys Brewing Company: Grand Forks, ND

SummitLogo2013FultonLogoSchells_Logo_Full_042315Finnegans Logo

Regional Craft Brands:

Summit Brewing Company: St. Paul, MN

Fulton Brewing Company: Minneapolis, MN

August Schell Brewing Company: New Ulm, MN

Finnegans Brewing Company: St. Paul, MN

LakeFront Brewing Inc.: Milwaukee, WI

Empyrean Brewing Company: Lincoln, NE

Grand Teton Brewing Company: Victor, ID

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